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Chester Arrives


Next came Chester.  His official name is “Third Eye Goop, But You Can Call Me Chester”.  Early on I dropped the first part of his name.  A wiggly, squiggly creature, Chester gathers information from sensations in his three bellies.  He can feel vibrations from the earth and, therefore, he knows when weather patterns change or… Read more »

Meet the Woochibies

Let me introduce you to the Woochibies, named after the Taoist and Chinese state of Wuji…the place of complete nothingness, before the existence of duality of light and dark, up and down, cold and hot, love and indifference.  This state of nothingness is the springboard for everything; it’s pure potential, divine creation and possibilities. This… Read more »

Spotlight on Kids

This weekend I attended a dance recital of NM school children who are trained free of charge by an organization that teaches with a mission which is to help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.  I experienced this performance… Read more »

Taking Stock Nine Month Later

It’s been nine months since I gave away my wedding crystal, discarded hundreds of moldy, faded photographs, and followed a psychic’s suggestion to move west.  What have I given birth to?  How have I grown? A few years ago someone asked me what I did for fun and, sadly, I couldn’t think of anything.  I… Read more »

The Queen of Options

“How about if you do it this way?” I asked my mother after hearing that she had no good options left in her current dilemma. “You are The Queen of Options!” she cheered.  “You are so talented in finding new ways to handle things. You can find a solution for anything!” Hey, I’ll take my… Read more »

Finding the Positive

“Drop negative thoughts.  Stay positive,” our qigong master teacher said.  “Turn negative into positive.  Have a happy and peaceful heart.  Anger churns up the waters, but a peaceful heart calms the water so we can see and reflect clearly.”  Good advice.   And, from her story, it is obvious that it can be done in… Read more »