Brooke in the Flow

BrookeThe cool stream flows over her toes.  A trickle, a rumble and her stones readjust, allowing her to settle into the flow of the stream that day.  Brooke, formed from the movement of water, the most powerful and gentle of elements, is truly a product of nature and her ever changing moods.

Brooke, the fifth Woochibie, is the soul of the shifting waters.  Even though her form changes each season and might be unrecognizable after a storm, you know that Brooke’s spirit is always there by the edge of the stream.  Her calm and peaceful presence attracts animals and plants whose branches bend toward her like a tree seeking solace in a storm.  It’s not rare to see Pokey or Jellybean sitting on a rock sharing the full and healing silence of being in Brooke’s space.  To protect from chatter and tension is Brooke’s gift.  Just by being, just by letting you feel, a visit with Brooke is replenishing and refreshing.

Remember Brooke and go with the flow.Brooke Back View

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