Who Is Barkabus?

BarkabusI’ve asked myself that question many times. Who is Barkabus? His true nature at times eludes me. Maybe my not being able to pinpoint his fundamental character is part of his mystique. Created from a slab of clay that I pressed into a tree trunk for the texture and impression, his body is truly of the earth, like a pile of bark and twigs that got magnetized and stuck together.

At times I feel that Barkabus is a grandfather-figure who has seen much of life.  His body of bark implies stability and experience.  With his quiet, sage-like demeanor, Barkabus offers guidance to those who seek him out. Maybe this is who he is.  A seemingly grounded and old soul, Barkabus has much to show me.  I am open to learn more about who he is.

What do you think are his characteristics?Ceramic_17_Barkabus2_ellie_dolgin1

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