About Ellie Dolgin

Ellie Dolgin sitting in a tropical background

As a child, I was always doing something creative, whether it was using a kitchen spoon to sculpt papier-mache objects, making hats out of scrap fabrics, or writing stories and displaying them in my own library. The process of creating and exploring new ideas has always been exhilarating for me.

My work and my life reflect and enhance each other. When I moved to a home near the water, I started making colorful ceramic sculptures that seemed to crawl out from the sea. As I worked with intense glazes on these pieces, I began to wear more vibrant, colorful clothing. Celebrating color in my sculptures brought more color into my life. This constant flow of energy from my heart to my art keeps me open to embrace new opportunities.

I believe that through focusing energy we all have the ability to shape our lives. It is my desire to make the best choice in every moment. Living authentically and appreciating nature form the foundation of my life and work.