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Ellie Dolgin
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 by BH - NY
Feeling Love

I love the simple and pure way Ellie's words touch my heart. I am always excited to see a new post. Her short entries are packed with wisdom, new perspectives and most importantly, love. Thank you, Ellie, for sharing your life experiences in ways that I can feel what you are feeling and seeing. Keep them coming!

 by AD - MI

Ellie is the best artist ever!!!

 by Rabbi HL and SL - MI
Garden Sculpture

Our temple needed a piece of art for the garden. The fine arts committee reviewed many options and decided to purchase a sculpture created by Ellie Dolgin. We have owned the work for several years, and each week at our service, attended by over 1500 people, we are reminded that the choice was perfect. 'Boy on a Rock' is attractive to both young and old. We are grateful to the artist and thrilled with our choice.

 by LFP, J.D. and KDP, M.D. - NJ
Grace and Power

We have owned an Ellie Dolgin sculpture, a magnificent woman reaching determinedly and defiantly toward some unseen objective, for twelve years. Proudly displayed between a Frankenthaler and a Mitchell, her grace and power never fail to captivate and inspire us and anyone else who encounters her.

 by BB, MD - MA
Soothing and Calming

I have the sculpture in my office right next to my desk so I can see it whenever I am sitting there. It has a soothing and calming affect on me due to its beauty, apparent motion and balance.

 by GL and JL - NY
Boy on a Rock

It was a pleasure watching and being involved with the life-size sculpture, 'Boy on a Rock', from start to finish. Neighbors tell me that they plan their walks to pass by and see it.

 by ME - WI
Surprise Gift

Our entire family and group of friends have been enjoying artist Ellie Dolgin’s 'Secrets' ever since my husband gave it to me as a surprise gift. When I look at this sculpture, I am reminded of my two lovely daughters and the warmth of their graceful presence in my life.

 by BP and LP

The elegance of this beautiful sculpture 'Expression of a Feeling' is breathtaking for all to behold. She evokes a feeling of serenity, yet extreme passion for living.

 by BL - CA
Joy and Deep Satisfaction

Over the years, I have become enamored with my sculpture 'To Life' more than ever…the fluidity of its forms and its graciousness…it is always a source of joy and deep satisfaction.

 by CS, Nassau County Museum - NY
Natural Ease and Authority

Emotional fervor and formal power…natural ease and authority…visual and tactile perfection…In each of Ellie Dolgin’s sculptures, what has been created is not the 'Real' but the 'True'.

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