The Sun Shines on Miss Ivy Rose

Miss Ivy Rose Close UpThere is the rustle of leaves as she sashays onto center stage.  Gown in place, chin tipped toward the horizon, Miss Ivy Rose calmly waits for the sun to rise.  When the warm rays reach her rose heart, Ivy tilts her head back and belts out her first “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” of the day, signaling morning to slumbering moles and robins, bumble bees and toads.

Always a genteel lady, Miss Ivy Rose charms all who cross her path, including me who smiles every time I pass her.  But don’t let her demure appearance fool you.  There is a strong voice rising from her core.  She sees beauty in all.  Rose energy surrounds her and heals those who hear her song.  When others are afraid, she sings joy in the face of danger and hope when confronting sadness.  A stabile and unwavering presence in the forest, that’s our Miss Ivy Rose.  Lovely, gracious, upbeat…

And so it goes until her last “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” of the day.

Miss Ivy Rose



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