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The Hero’s Journey

Were you a hero today? Did you slay a dragon haunting you from inside your psyche? Maybe you did so without realizing the significance of your actions. Joseph Campbell, professor, author and philosopher, described “The Hero’s Journey” as a cycle that we go through over and over again as we delve deeper into our own… Read more »

A Parent’s Unlived Life

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”  A quote from Carl Jung.   I understand this as a child and as a parent.  It pains me to hear about my mother’s disappointments and in some ways lack of fulfillment.  Huge and small decisions are constantly made… Read more »

You Can Hit a Home Run

I went to the pharmacy and market today. I was in luck! They had everything that I needed. Then I remembered that someone told me about a walking path across the street from the market. Feeling adventurous I decided to try it. After crossing a bridge over a stream that rushed over, under and around… Read more »

A True Warrior

Of the many classes that I take each week, one of the more challenging is the martial art of gongfu with an emphasis on spirituality and the ways that it can be applied to relationships. We learn how to be present in relation to others, to look into each other’s eyes and bow before sparring… Read more »

Tenderness of the Warrior

Today was day five of a seven-day intensive qigong workshop nestled in the mountains of New Mexico. The venue is remote, isolated, enlightening and powerful. We spent the day in silence, all 53 of us, from morning until night. Without the distraction of chatter, I actually tasted a blueberry and noticed how it was different… Read more »

Teachers Become Students

It happens in classrooms, boardrooms and living rooms. The teacher learns from the student. We need to put our egos aside so we don’t miss important opportunities to grow. A parent can learn from a child’s spontaneity, honesty and innocent view of the world. My granddaughter recently asked which was more important – air or… Read more »

The Power of Curiosity and Courage

Curiosity and courage are a powerful duo.  Add enthusiasm and the potential is limitless.  Did you ever notice how nice it is to be with someone who is actually interested and curious about you?  Someone who isn’t telling you something but is asking and listening to the answer?  Curiosity connects us to experiences beyond our… Read more »