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And the Sexiest Man Is...

I think that we could all use some change in our lives. Some people shy away from it as if they could really hold onto what they have. Impossible, implausible, not likely. The cycles of life go on. Impermanence is here to stay. Have you ever noticed that shortly after a movie star is touted… Read more »

Your Inner Journey

Have you ever admired someone so much that you want to copy their accomplishment or get so close that some of that enthusiasm might rub off onto you? Maybe you can tag along to catch a splash of positive energy that might spill over, or just take a small piece out of their huge pie…. Read more »

Tenderness of the Warrior

Today was day five of a seven-day intensive qigong workshop nestled in the mountains of New Mexico. The venue is remote, isolated, enlightening and powerful. We spent the day in silence, all 53 of us, from morning until night. Without the distraction of chatter, I actually tasted a blueberry and noticed how it was different… Read more »

A Harrowing Tale

My friend tells of a harrowing ride for her. Her husband was driving them down a steep, winding mountain ride going much too fast for her comfort. She leaned to the left and then to the right each time they rounded a corner trying to tilt the car away from the ledge. When they reached… Read more »

Teachers Become Students

It happens in classrooms, boardrooms and living rooms. The teacher learns from the student. We need to put our egos aside so we don’t miss important opportunities to grow. A parent can learn from a child’s spontaneity, honesty and innocent view of the world. My granddaughter recently asked which was more important – air or… Read more »