And the Sexiest Man Is...

I think that we could all use some change in our lives. Some people shy away from it as if they could really hold onto what they have. Impossible, implausible, not likely. The cycles of life go on. Impermanence is here to stay. Have you ever noticed that shortly after a movie star is touted as the sexiest man alive there are rumors that he cheats or is in some way perverted, and down he goes in the ratings. The cycles go on regardless of our desire to stop them in mid-stream.

How about self-imposed change? A CEO who makes a million dollars a year might benefit from change, too. Maybe he needs to call his mother more often, become a mentor to an underprivileged child, get a dog or eat more greens. Holding onto one way of being causes stagnation and shows a lack of trust in yourself to adapt.

Shifting is life-affirming and can actually be fun if we don’t weight our decisions too heavily. Lighten up. It’s springtime!  Plant a new seed. Take a chance and feel the exhilaration of trying. Let me know how it goes for you.

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  1. Barbara

    Right on! Even the slightest change in a daily routine or habit, ripples out and creates a new life! thanks Ellie! <3


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