The Power of Curiosity and Courage

FullSizeRender-35Curiosity and courage are a powerful duo.  Add enthusiasm and the potential is limitless.  Did you ever notice how nice it is to be with someone who is actually interested and curious about you?  Someone who isn’t telling you something but is asking and listening to the answer?  Curiosity connects us to experiences beyond our own.  How much?  How far?  Why?  Why not?

Exquisite childlike wonder nourishes our vitality.  The Chinese have a way of asking how you are by saying “Is the child in you alive?” (one of the many greetings).

Courage, oh courage!  How would we get out of bed in the morning if we were not courageous, ready to meet the day and all of the unknowns and uninvited lessons?   Growth and change are going to happen whether we resist them or not, so why not welcome them with courage, enthusiasm and curiosity?  Just some thoughts for the day.  Have a lovely one!

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