A Harrowing Tale

My friend tells of a harrowing ride for her. Her husband was driving them down a steep, winding mountain ride going much too fast for her comfort. She leaned to the left and then to the right each time they rounded a corner trying to tilt the car away from the ledge. When they reached the bottom of the mountain safely she breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back against her seat. That was when she was stung by a bee. Being highly allergic they had a real problem to contend with. She guided him on how to help her and she is now fine.

She told me this story to illustrate how we sometimes worry about a perceived danger that doesn’t turn out to be what hurts us. We don’t know what is around the corner. We can’t always anticipate danger; sometimes it sneaks up on us.

But worry doesn’t avert a problem. Worrying is not insurance purchased in advance to ward off scary events. Being consciously cautious and making wise choices are more effective in being proactive than indiscriminate worrying.

As author and motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia said, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”  I hope that this helps you let go of a little bit of worry this weekend.  I know that I’ll be more aware of it.

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  1. Barbara

    My favorite quote from Abraham-Hicks is, “Worrying is using your imagination to create what you do not want.”
    The second you start to worry about something your thoughts and point of attraction becomes the Now. It’s so much better to dream and think good thoughts and bring them to life.

    Nice words Ellie!


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