Teachers Become Students

It happens in classrooms, boardrooms and living rooms. The teacher learns from the student. We need to put our egos aside so we don’t miss important opportunities to grow. A parent can learn from a child’s spontaneity, honesty and innocent view of the world. My granddaughter recently asked which was more important – air or love. That’s something to contemplate!

When I was in a Native American sweat lodge years ago I was excited to be in the presence of the Navajo leader. His reputation preceded him as a powerful leader in the lodge. After about twenty minutes of listening to his irreverent, inconsiderate remarks, I left the lodge and hung out with the man stoking the coals outside. I felt calm and peaceful listening to his quiet voice. I asked him if he had ever been inside and he replied, “No. My purpose would be to satisfy my own curiosity and that would not contribute to the sanctity of the lodge. So for the last eight years I stayed outside and provided warmth for those inside.” I learned humility and service from him.

How about you? Who have you learned from?

2 Responses to “Teachers Become Students”

  1. Annina Luck Wildermuth

    Hi Ellie, I loved reading this and am just in awe of the man you met outside the sweat lodge. He is an inspiration and thank you so much for sharing this. It puts things in perspective for me!

  2. Anne Sweeney

    Beautiful, Ellie. The truly great people really are the humblest ones. They are the ones we should look for. Thank you!


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