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Folk Art Market Is Here!

The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe is on! The opening ceremony welcomed 180 artists from small villages in six continents looking like a mini olympic opening. This three-day event has been called the best art market in the United States by USA Today. It generates more income for some artists than they make… Read more »

Honoring at Powwow

The Native American powwow originated for the purpose of various tribes to join together in dancing, singing, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It also served as a way for waring tribes to meet and learn about each other’s cultures in the hope of lessening their conflicts. It evolved as the peoples’ needs changed… Read more »

Free to Be Real

I’m writing a book.  Actually, I already wrote it and submitted it to agents.   It’s uplifting, honest and courageous.  I call it “Free to Be Real”. Join me on this excursion through life! You’ve been there and have asked the same questions. Maybe you are still looking for the answers.  As Joseph Campbell said,… Read more »

New York Version of Be Here Now

Three out of five people on any street in New York City are not there.  Doesn’t make sense?  My unsubstantiated survey from visiting New York last week revealed that approximately three out of every five people I passed were connected to a device – listening to music, talking on the phone, intently texting or searching… Read more »

The Joy of Helping Adult Children

Two days after she moved into a new apartment, my daughter called.  “Are you calling to gloat about how efficient you are with the move?” I asked.  “No,” she replied.  “I’m calling to say that I am completely overwhelmed and want to know if you can come as soon as possible to help me set… Read more »

Freedom for Socks

As promised, I addressed my sock drawer tonight.  It is astounding how many socks are too small, tattered and ridiculously out of character for me now.  Either they really shrink or my children have been storing their socks in my drawer for years.  Are those white anklets my mother’s?  And I don’t remember buying one… Read more »