The Queen of Options

FullSizeRender-3“How about if you do it this way?” I asked my mother after hearing that she had no good options left in her current dilemma.

“You are The Queen of Options!” she cheered.  “You are so talented in finding new ways to handle things. You can find a solution for anything!”

Hey, I’ll take my new title.  I’ve been called worse.  It’s easy.  When two obvious options are intolerable, look for the other one.  It’s hiding just beneath the surface waiting for you to pluck it out of obscurity and give it it’s due glory in the spotlight.  Let’s give equal time to shy solutions!

Please share this if you know anyone who is still looking.



4 Responses to “The Queen of Options”

  1. Barbara Hinz

    Let your mom know that one of her options was to have a daughter just as smart as she is! She chose well! Enjoy your visit! <3


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