Letting the Solution Flow

IMG_5005My mother is coming to visit in two days.  I am very excited.  She is making a long journey to be with me and experience what I love about my new home in New Mexico.

An issue came up recently that might affect our visit.  I approached it with the usual endless research and slew of telephone calls to find out how to make both of us comfortable.  I spent two days on the phone from one source to another.  I wanted to control the outcome, but I couldn’t find a satisfying solution.  Then I decided that I would not solve it in my head.  I have all the information that is knowable at this time.  How could I access my higher self and let the solution flow?  How could I think thoughts that attract peace and harmony and allow the best course to present itself?

I stepped back and let my heart take over.  I smudged (Native American ceremony of using the smoke from sage and other sacred grasses to clear the energy in a space) every room of my house.  I sang “All You Need Is Love” as I danced from room to room.  I smudged my mother’s bedroom and welcomed her.  With a warm heart I wished her rest and comfort and rejuvenation in this room.  I thought of all the fun things we would do together.  I loved her and felt so much appreciation to have her with me.  Then I sat down to a candlelight dinner of steamed vegetables, rice and a glass of wine.  We both need to be nourished, and I started with me.

There comes a time when your intellect cannot solve a problem.  Sometimes you just have to be in the most open and loving energy and let what you set in motion take its course.



3 Responses to “Letting the Solution Flow”

  1. Barbara Hinz

    Beautiful Ellie! You allowed the moment to just be and stopped “trying”. Trying just gives you the experience of trying which is the place you were at and leads to nowhere. Now enjoy the unfolding of a beautiful visit with this very special woman! <3 Blessing to you both!

  2. Heather

    You are brave, and have an awesome sense of humor!! i think the “issue” will end up being somewhat funny, and definitely a once in a lifetime experience…i’m routing for you!!


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