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The Truth About Believing

Last week I attended a conference called “Ageless Living” featuring speakers from the scientific, spiritual and experiential realms. One was more exciting than the next as they presented cutting edge information that supported different ways to understand life and aging. One of my favorites was Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief”.  His… Read more »

Do You Want a Nobel Prize?

Did you know that most of those who received the Nobel Prize for Literature have written or stated that the prize diminished their creativity? This fact recently came to my attention and it has made me think about the place that awards and accolades intersect with inner inspiration. So often we strive for acknowledgement from… Read more »

Facing Emotions and Shaking Them Off

Many people believe that their emotions will dissipate without having to address them. They believe that in time the emotions will make their way to the background and be replaced with more pertinent and pressing issues, without being understood or faced. I don’t think so. They might not be on the forefront of our minds,… Read more »

Making a Hard Decision

Making the decision was the hardest part. Implementing it was easier. An old friend came to visit and as soon as he saw my sculptures in the garage, he said, “Let’s put them in storage right now. They don’t belong in your house. They are weighing you down and they don’t reflect who you are… Read more »

Art – Keep It or Throw it Out

Monday Morning Anywhere

I remember when I threw out a sculpture that I had made. It was a six foot by eight foot canvas with five silhouettes of women made out of latex painted on tree trunks. I painted about twenty coats of liquid latex on top of each other in the shape of women. Whether it was… Read more »

Younger Skin in Two Easy Steps

Scientific breakthrough! Softer, more supple skin in two easy steps! This method has positively not been tested by anyone and does not meet any requirements for making this statement. The scientific basis is that I tried it twice in my bathroom and was excited to tell you about it. Here it is: Since face moisturizers… Read more »