Loving Creativity

It seems that creativity is not just for fun. It is is an important component to good health. In Mind Over Medicine, Dr. Lissa Rankin looks at creativity as an essential aspect to thriving. Being creative goes beyond the common reference to art, music, writing and theater. “You may also express yourself by flower arranging, photography, interior decorating, hula-hoop dancing, baking the perfect cupcake or brainstorming business ideas.”  She goes on to explain how it has important health benefits.  “Creative expression releases endorphins, reduces depression, improves your immune function and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby lowering your heart rate, decreasing your blood pressure and lowering cortisol.”

Being creative affects your relationships at work, at home and to yourself. It is the one place where you differ from everyone else. It allows you to put your unique stamp on an experience. Creative thinking has given us the most dynamic advances in science and business, and it certainly helps us to think out of the box when we make mistakes. Is it true that chocolate chip cookies were discovered when the chips mistakenly fell off the counter into the batter?

I appreciate the creative state of mind and the humor that arises out of it. Imagine where we’d be without the zany interpretations of comedians!  Creativity makes you the fullest you, and me the fullest me.  How do you bring creativity into your life?  I’d love to hear from you.

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