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Surprise at the Farmer’s Market

I look forward to the Farmer’s Market all week. Local vendors bring whatever is in season…red, black (yes, a black variety) and green apples, chilis, beets, pears, arugula, and bean sprouts cut off at the time of purchase. All fresh and organic, of course. Children eating beef sausages on a stick and cups of local… Read more »

To Be All You Can Be

Meet Être, an inspirational resource site created for the middle school set when girls are their most authentic selves yet vulnerable to peer pressure and societal values. I learned about this site created by my cousin yesterday. Être means “to be” in French and is designed to encourage girls to stay true to the things… Read more »

Giving to Charities

It’s December and the charities are trying to get last-minute donations before the year end.  I always find it a chore to decide which charities and how much to give.  They are all so important and tell heart-wrenching stories of people in need all over the world.  The letters sit on my desk for weeks… Read more »

Adults Can Be Enthusiastic Too

Enthusiasm! Positive energy for life, people, exploration. It is contagious. The fish monger (as he calls himself) at Whole Foods was so enthusiastic about my trying a delicious, new fish from Brazil that he repeated his recipe three times to be sure that my experience would be successful. My grandchildren are as exhilarated when playing… Read more »

Youths Spring Hope in Middle East

Tonight I attended an event supporting Creativity for Peace, a three-week camp in Santa Fe for teenage girls from Israel and Palestine.  Although I went to this last year, the speeches and lessons tonight were fresh and new. Their philosophy is to teach and implement conflict resolution, compassionate listening and authentic speaking while building future… Read more »