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Adults Can Be Enthusiastic Too

Enthusiasm! Positive energy for life, people, exploration. It is contagious. The fish monger (as he calls himself) at Whole Foods was so enthusiastic about my trying a delicious, new fish from Brazil that he repeated his recipe three times to be sure that my experience would be successful. My grandchildren are as exhilarated when playing… Read more »

Youths Spring Hope in Middle East

Tonight I attended an event supporting Creativity for Peace, a three-week camp in Santa Fe for teenage girls from Israel and Palestine.  Although I went to this last year, the speeches and lessons tonight were fresh and new. Their philosophy is to teach and implement conflict resolution, compassionate listening and authentic speaking while building future… Read more »

Writing With Purpose and Vision

I listened to an interview with a famous author on how to get your book published.  He was full of energy and advice on how to utilize social media, publish millions of books around the world, meet interesting people, make lots of money, and get continual speaking engagements.  As I am always thinking of writing… Read more »

Pikkels and Pikkelson

Oooops!!!  I almost forgot to mention that the Woochibies have two cousins, “Pikkels” and “Pikkelson, the Second Generation”.  In case you haven’t guessed, Pikkelson is the son of Pikkels. They live far away in another forest, so when they come for a visit it is a BIG TO DO!  There are preparations for food and… Read more »

Brooke in the Flow

The cool stream flows over her toes.  A trickle, a rumble and her stones readjust, allowing her to settle into the flow of the stream that day.  Brooke, formed from the movement of water, the most powerful and gentle of elements, is truly a product of nature and her ever changing moods. Brooke, the fifth… Read more »

The Sun Shines on Miss Ivy Rose

There is the rustle of leaves as she sashays onto center stage.  Gown in place, chin tipped toward the horizon, Miss Ivy Rose calmly waits for the sun to rise.  When the warm rays reach her rose heart, Ivy tilts her head back and belts out her first “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” of the day, signaling morning to… Read more »

Jelly Beanstalk Has Entered the Room!

Jelly Beanstalk

Lookout!  Here comes Jelly Beanstalk!  She is sassy and full of attitude.  “Whatever!?!” as she would say.  With any of her many flailing hands on her hips, Jellybean is a force to be reckoned with. While she is emotional, unreasonable and flies off the handle at the slightest provocation, she speaks up for herself and… Read more »