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Whole Body Tattoos

Swimming at the community pool today, I saw something astounding, at first a little glance, then more was revealed.  A man in the lane next to mine had tattoos all over his body.  I mean his whole body!  Trying to be nonchalant, I looked at the clock to the left and when I sensed that… Read more »

I’m Ready for Him

I’m putting the universe on notice.  I am ready to meet the love of my life.  The one who is kind and generous, intelligent and witty, athletic, laughs easily and is sensitive to others’ feelings.  The one who is friendly and easy-going, who loves to cook and give, who has done his work and is… Read more »

Adults Can Be Enthusiastic Too

Enthusiasm! Positive energy for life, people, exploration. It is contagious. The fish monger (as he calls himself) at Whole Foods was so enthusiastic about my trying a delicious, new fish from Brazil that he repeated his recipe three times to be sure that my experience would be successful. My grandchildren are as exhilarated when playing… Read more »

Finding a Sanctuary

I found this writing from 2006 and wanted to share it with you: “I have been looking for a place in my home that is mine…a sanctuary, a special place that smells and tastes like me, only me. A place where I could be free to think and explore, experiment, make mistakes and grow into… Read more »

Youths Spring Hope in Middle East

Tonight I attended an event supporting Creativity for Peace, a three-week camp in Santa Fe for teenage girls from Israel and Palestine.  Although I went to this last year, the speeches and lessons tonight were fresh and new. Their philosophy is to teach and implement conflict resolution, compassionate listening and authentic speaking while building future… Read more »

Pikkels and Pikkelson

Oooops!!!  I almost forgot to mention that the Woochibies have two cousins, “Pikkels” and “Pikkelson, the Second Generation”.  In case you haven’t guessed, Pikkelson is the son of Pikkels. They live far away in another forest, so when they come for a visit it is a BIG TO DO!  There are preparations for food and… Read more »



Who isn’t charmed by a curious, impish, little boy sporting a baseball cap of oak leaves?  Spike has come through with the naive energy of a child in awe of the workings of the forest.  With a body of leaves, twigs and acorn eyes, Spike is the quintessential product of a living organism. Spike is… Read more »