More Than Having Fun

IMG_2879It’s more than having fun.  It’s being in a state of joy so complete that all else falls away.  One of my friends loves skiing.  When he is on a slope he is so delighted that he loses track of time.  Another friend is thrilled to play bridge whether or not she is winning.  My yoga teacher LOVES statistics and reading about weather patterns and earthly shifts.  She passionately devours books and articles remotely related to those topics.

What do you love to do?  For me it’s my garden.  I’m in a meditative bliss when planting, feeding, watering and watching new buds and leaves sprout up everyday.  I’ve also been known to start an art project in the evening and continue well after midnight if I’m engrossed in creating.  Writing, sculpting and making my space more feng shui friendly captivate me so completely that I forget about eating, drinking or sleeping.  Rocks, crystals, flowing water and changing cloud patterns excite me and I can’t wait to share them.

How about you?  What makes you so full of joy that you forget about your to do list?  What are you doing when you notice that you are smiling?   Share your enthusiasm!

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