Pikkels and Pikkelson

Oooops!!!  I almost forgot to mention that the Woochibies have two cousins, “Pikkels” and “Pikkelson, the Second Generation”.  In case you haven’t guessed, Pikkelson is the son of Pikkels.

They live far away in another forest, so when they come for a visit it is a BIG TO DO!  There are preparations for food and explorations, and the Woochibies can’t agree on what to show them first.  Brooke wants them to hang out by the stream and be part of the changing flow.  Spike wants them to peek into two new anthills and a pile of crunchy leaves that he perfected for jumping.  Jelly Beanstalk, frantic and in a frenzy, collects berries positively sure that there will not be enough for her crushed berry delight.  Miss Ivy Rose practices her song all day and all night, much to the dismay of the others.  Enough, Miss Ivy, enough!

We haven’t had a visit yet, just planning, so who knows what will happen when the exciting day comes?

Pikkelson                                         Pikkels                                                                                                                                                                          IMG_8379

IMG_8368 IMG_8376 IMG_8360

2 Responses to “Pikkels and Pikkelson”

  1. Heather

    Love the names! Are they related to Jack and Jackson?? Or, Sam and Samson, hahaha!


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