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Soup Secrets

I took a cooking class.  Me, who cooks all the time, but usually in one pan. Me, who at the moment is heating up leftover rice and salmon for breakfast. The name of the class was Soup Secrets.  Half of the class made a corn chowder and the other half made French onion soup.  At… Read more »

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Happy Holidays to you!  I wish you good health and prosperity, strength and love.  May this be the year that is different from all past years.  May you do what you have been dreaming about, what you are not sure that you deserve, what you think is reserved for others, what will make you stand… Read more »

Finding the Positive

“Drop negative thoughts.  Stay positive,” our qigong master teacher said.  “Turn negative into positive.  Have a happy and peaceful heart.  Anger churns up the waters, but a peaceful heart calms the water so we can see and reflect clearly.”  Good advice.   And, from her story, it is obvious that it can be done in… Read more »

Offering a Different Way

The day before closing on my house in NY, all kinds of issues came up.  The buyers weren’t sure if the heat turned on fast enough and the creditor thought that there was a neighborhood association that placed restrictions on homeowners.  Both are not true.  My lawyer wasn’t sure if we were going to close… Read more »

Blame It On the Full Moon

Why was I up at 4 am moving furniture?  Why did I wake up with such a pressing inspiration?  At the time, it made total sense.  As the morning unfolded, I didn’t feel that urgency anymore.  But, I am glad that I did it.  I got to see the full moon illuminate the sky and… Read more »

The Artistic Spirit

Boy on a Rock

Gallery owner, Michelle Gaugy, introduced novel ideas in her lecture about the evolution of the artist; points that I have personally experienced.  She said that a craftsman is invested in the finished product, the object, but an artist is not.  The artist creates inspired, unexplained, purposeless art that has become “art for art’s sake”.  This… Read more »

Stepping Back

A Qigong master tells us that we have to step back before we can move forward.  In martial arts a punch begins with a step backward.  A pitcher winds up before he releases the ball.  Momentum doesn’t come from standing still.  Stepping back is part of forward movement, a cycle that is alive and creative…. Read more »

Creativity for Peace

Tonight I went to a cultural celebration for peace in the middle east, called Salaam-Shalom.  This event featured sixteen Palestinian and Israeli girls ranging from fifteen to seventeen-years-old who attend a three-week long camp in Santa Fe. The purpose of the camp is to recognize and empower women as future leaders.  The girls learn how… Read more »

Everyday Creating

Every morning when I go outside I feel like I am on a camping trip in the mountains.  The cool, fresh air is invigorating.  Birds chatter from pinyon tree to tree.  A baby bunny munches on weeds peeking out from the gravel in my yard.  Grass is a luxury in this dry part of the… Read more »