How Do You Bring Joy Into Your Life?

My friend couldn’t stop talking about how kundalini yoga has changed her life.  It has helped her to relax and breathe better  and tune into what she wants to bring into her life.  I decided to give it a try.    

After doing some research, I found a place and reserved my spot online so I wouldn’t be shut out.  But, as the Universe arranged it, I was the only person in the class.  The teacher dumbed down the class for a beginner and explained that I had to set an intention for that hour and for my life.  “It could be something like joy, bliss, abundance, harmony or peace,” he said.

“Stop!” I said in my mind.  “You had me at joy and bliss!”  

I considered putting those two concepts in my mind.  Could something as simple as joy and bliss really be an intention?  Could I intend to focus on joy and bliss to soothe and nurture me?  Could I be so self-indulgent?

The answer is yes.  Whatever reduces stress and raises my vibration is not only healthy for me but affects all whom I come into contact with.  Have you ever noticed how you feel being near someone who is happy, comfortable and at peace?  It affects everyone with hope and clear vision, relaxing into being your authentic self.

So, set your intention to being joyful or whatever else makes you feel relaxed and stress-free.  It’s okay to ask for that for yourself.

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