Spotlight on Kids

IMG_7959This weekend I attended a dance recital of NM school children who are trained free of charge by an organization that teaches with a mission which is to help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.  I experienced this performance laughing, clapping and feeling a rush of warmth.  The theme this year was “Read”.  All dances were based on books and all of the feelings that they invoke.  Costumes were made by volunteers and parents.  Five hundred children from toddlers up to tenth-graders and local firefighters ran across the stage each taking a huge leap when they hit the spotlight…spreading their arms, wearing the hugest smile they could muster, facing their audience…the kind of leap that we do in the private corner of our minds when no one is paying attention.

Children were showcased regardless of talent or body form.  Equally important and dancing in community, these children were given a chance to shine just for being who they are and by putting in the effort to learn.  They worked hard and were deeply touched by the joy of this support.  As the kids who were graduating stood on the stage they were overwhelmed by emotions.  Boys and girls sobbing showed the powerful impact that this program had on them.  Fun, joyful and inspiring!  Serving 9,000 children across New Mexico, I’m so glad that this program and its mission is thriving.





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