First Days in Santa Fe

“Hi, I’m Ellie.” “Hi Ellie.  Where do you live?” “Santa Fe.” “How long have you lived there?” “Two hours.” Actually, it’s been two days, fun-filled and exciting days.  Along with ten thousand other people, I went to the Folk Art Market where people from all over the world sell their crafts.  Some of them make… Read more »

Saying good-bye

I sat on the floor and cried. I was tired, hungry and sad. Waiting for my ride to the airport, I walked through every room in the house, then took off my shoes and did a meditative walk around the house appreciating the soft, spongy cushion of grass. Sitting on the carpet in disbelief, my… Read more »

Moving is a Work of Art

I dreamed that I was bubble-wrapping myself.  I could feel the soft, spongy plastic against my skin, squeaking as I stretched and taped it around my feet.  I’m glad that the movers came today so I won’t be dreaming of bubble-wrap anymore! But, the inevitable sadness of leaving my friends and family is setting in…. Read more »

Going for the Gusto

Conventional thinking says that I should live in New Mexico for six-months to a year before moving there.  I didn’t. Conventional thinking says that I should rent my house before buying a new one.  I didn’t. Conventional thinking says that I should put my possessions in storage in case I will want them in the… Read more »

Kick Butt Packing

You are only overwhelmed if you believe that you are.  Otherwise, you have just one thing to do, then another, then another.  Only one thing at a time.  Now, THAT is manageable! Lucky me.  I only have one box to pack.          

Insider Trading Tip

I hope that this isn’t considered insider trading, but I have a tip for you.  INVEST IN BUBBLE WRAP!  You can hear the r-r-i-i-i-i-p-p of packing tape around my bubble-wrapped sculptures at any time of day or night.  Nothing is out of reach for me and my bubble wrap. In my dream last night, I… Read more »

Ten Days to Go

Ten days until I move to Santa Fe!  My daughter came home from the city to help me pack.  Last night while she was relaxing in my bed I tried on clothes and decided what to take and what to give away.  In and out of my closet with pants that didn’t fit, dresses that… Read more »

The Ugly Weed

There is an ugly weed in my vegetable garden, and it’s pushing out all of my vegetables.  It isn’t beautiful, and it doesn’t produce flowers or vegetables.  It’s covered with prickly thorns.  Good luck pulling it out!  It grows fast and strong, and in its hardiness it has overtaken the garden. This weed does not… Read more »

Manyana Starts Today

Freedom of choice is everywhere when packing. Who knew there were 40-year-old cake knives in the back of the drawer?  And, they are probably virgins because I don’t ever remember using them.  Candles, barbeque mitts, sun visors…who cares?  But, I have to make a decision on whether they come or go. I hardly slept last… Read more »