I’m Thinkin’…

Motion. I’m thinkin’ nature and movement. Walk, dance, tip toe. Water freezes. Melts. Static water becomes stagnant. Heart in motion pumps blood and refreshes cells. Heart not pumping ceases to support life. I’m in partnership with movement. We’re friends. Give and take, ebb and flow, peace and tumult. In motion, keep essence. Always in integrity… Read more »

I Made It; I Threw It Away

Monday Morning Anywhere

I did something extraordinary today. I threw out one of my pieces. Done. Tossed into the garbage. It was a six-foot by eight-foot canvas covered in black felt. There were five silhouette figures of women on it and a real umbrella attached to one of them. Each figure was created by painting 20 coats of… Read more »


Forgiveness is getting a lot of attention lately. Every spiritual teacher knows that it is at the core of our ability to move forward and live a more authentic life. To forgive is not to condone what someone did. It is the act of releasing its hold on us. There is a powerful shift toward… Read more »

Rusty Jumper Cables

Among the bags of clothes, books, and pots and pans on the driveway waiting to be picked up for donation was a set of jumper cables. I had another set in the garage. Who needs two? So, there they were, red and yellow cables with shiny brass clamps sprawled out on the driveway. The pickup… Read more »

What Kind of Person Am I?

I was leaving the market and almost walked into a teenage boy who was selling cookies. He tried to get my attention by talking really fast about raising money for some kind of a trip. Was he for real, or was it a scam? I was in no mood to find out, so with a… Read more »

Sculptures Moving Up

As I write this, I hear hammering and music blasting from a radio, sawdust suspended in the air and 2 X 4’s crudely stacked on the garage floor. What is happening? My sculptures are getting a new home. Formerly stuffed away in an unfinished section of the basement with a concrete floor, dangling wires and… Read more »

Giving It Up

I used to think that I needed a job title after my name that stated my purpose, my contribution to the world…Ellie Dolgin, SCULPTOR or Ellie Dolgin, WRITER, so that everyone, including me, would know my importance. One word neatly tucked in my back pocket stating that I am a creative, right-brain thinker immersed in… Read more »


“Earthing”, or grounding, is a practice that is getting attention as a natural way to reduce inflammation, thin blood and slow the aging process. Dr. James Oschman, expert in energy medicine and biophysics, says, “The earth’s surface is electrically charged. There is a constant current flow from the ionosphere to the earth. These are the… Read more »

Keep Your Doors Open

  “I have never seen God come through the front door. The Divine operates in paradox. What looks to have no power, generally has it all. What looks to have power, generally has none.” Spoken by the medical intuitive and author, Caroline Myss, these words remind me to be open to inspiration that can come… Read more »

My Ego and Me

My ego and I have a wonderful relationship. It is so attentive and always on top of things. It points out when I say something inappropriate, when everyone else gets asked to dance and I don’t, when someone’s story gets published and mine is in its 97th draft. It doesn’t miss a thing! And, I… Read more »