Be Happy Now

“It doesn’t matter if you see the glass as half-empty or half-full because there is a pitcher of water sitting next to it,” says Harvard happiness researcher Shawn Achor.  We can not only fill up our own glasses, but fill the glasses of people around us.   Happiness is a choice and a practice, and it… Read more »

Your Presence is Requested

What does it mean to be present? Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of “The Conscious Parent” says that although parents are tempted to shower their children with gifts to buy their affection, what children really want is our full, engaged presence.  Who doesn’t want that? To me being present means clearing the space of all distractions… Read more »

Righting My Writing

Jelly Beanstalk

Creating seven zany, playful sculptures was the inspiration for me to write children’s books.  It was a spontaneous course that emerged from my fingers immersed in clay with no direction except the desire to laugh.  The seven sculptures became The Woochibies, a group of characters in stories that I was going to write about a… Read more »

Beware of Hot Pink!

My three-year-old granddaughter asked me what was my favorite color on her new quilt.  I pointed to the petals of a flower and said, “This one.  It is called hot pink.”  A few minutes later she said, “Ouch! My elbow hurts!”  When I asked what happened, she said that she burned her elbow on the… Read more »

In Awe of Newness

This is what I love about kids: they are in awe of everything.  A baby is fascinated with his foot that seems to be connected to a body that seems to be his.  Tasting a carrot for the first time brings wonderment to his mouth beyond anything that he has ever experienced.   A cup… Read more »

Let Nature Nurture

Today was the first beautiful day of spring.  Sunny and 75 degrees.  I went to the beach, kicked off my shoes, laid on the sand, and fell asleep to the sound of lapping water and squawking seagulls. My trip to the beach was a respite from compulsive planning, organizing and the need to feel accomplished. … Read more »

The Nature of Louie Schwartzberg

Last week on Super Soul Sunday, Oprah featured Louie Schwartzberg, a cinematographer who specializes in nature films.  His time-lapsed pictures of the grandest and tiniest parts of our earth create spectacular films.  I highly recommend looking him up on youtube.  His camera zooms in on a meadow swarming with monarch butterflies and a nest of… Read more »

Today is Your Creation

For those of you who follow this blog, I’m sorry that I missed writing last week.  I was traveling.  Along with being busy and sometimes not having the opportunity to write, traveling opens me up to see things in a new way.  It gets me out of my little world and reminds me that people… Read more »