“Earthing”, or grounding, is a practice that is getting attention as a natural way to reduce inflammation, thin blood and slow the aging process. Dr. James Oschman, expert in energy medicine and biophysics, says, “The earth’s surface is electrically charged. There is a constant current flow from the ionosphere to the earth. These are the… Read more »

Keep Your Doors Open

  “I have never seen God come through the front door. The Divine operates in paradox. What looks to have no power, generally has it all. What looks to have power, generally has none.” Spoken by the medical intuitive and author, Caroline Myss, these words remind me to be open to inspiration that can come… Read more »

My Ego and Me

My ego and I have a wonderful relationship. It is so attentive and always on top of things. It points out when I say something inappropriate, when everyone else gets asked to dance and I don’t, when someone’s story gets published and mine is in its 97th draft. It doesn’t miss a thing! And, I… Read more »

Enough IS Enough

I was in New Hampshire this weekend visiting family. In between hanging out at the beach and watching the fireworks, I had a session with an energy healer. I can’t describe exactly what she does because it is always different. Each session is unpredictable and spontaneous. What a person needs determines the course and content… Read more »

Why Blog?

Last week my friend asked me why I decided to blog. This is how I answered her. In 1990, two of my sculptures were displayed in a gallery in Chicago. Oprah Winfrey walked into the gallery, saw them and bought them both. A few years later, my sister called in a VERY excited voice while… Read more »

Becoming Clean

Pollution comes in many forms. We are all familiar with air, water and soil pollution. But, our minds and souls can also become toxic, affecting our organs, emotions and energy systems. In his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, Dr. Masaru Emoto, the acclaimed Japanese physician and scientist, writes that “crystals formed in frozen water… Read more »

The Sculpture Without a Title

Untitled II

I wanted to create a sculpture that showed a woman throwing away her cares…heaving weighty demands and expectations into the ethos disintegrating them once and for all. Hallelujah! But, there was one small problem. She hadn’t looked at those cares or identified them or transformed them into discardable pieces. The sculpture was missing the first… Read more »

The Value of Putting Something Aside

I wrote a children’s story, and revised it countless times. It went through so many changes that it could have been ten different stories. I finally felt that it was the clearest and most creative effort that I could do. I sent it off to an agent and put it aside for three weeks. Yesterday… Read more »


It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep. My mind is racing…so many things to do. Too many things to accomplish. I can’t seem to quiet down. I go outside on the porch with my chattering mind. How do I calm down? How do I release such active thoughts and invite peace? I sit and wait…. Read more »

“Nobody’s Perfect” Day

I declare today “Nobody’s Perfect” Day. We need a day to forgive ourselves for being imperfect…for saying the wrong thing, for not listening, for messing up at work, for being late, and for making the wrong choice (although all choices ultimately lead us to where we need to be). What a spectacular day it is!… Read more »