“Nobody’s Perfect” Day

I declare today “Nobody’s Perfect” Day. We need a day to forgive ourselves for being imperfect…for saying the wrong thing, for not listening, for messing up at work, for being late, and for making the wrong choice (although all choices ultimately lead us to where we need to be). What a spectacular day it is!… Read more »

Inner Joy

Caroline Myss, medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, says, “Every truth that finally wakes up in you will change the rules of your life.” The rules governing who we hang out with, how we relate to ourselves and others, and how we interpret our power are apt to change. Were those rules so perfect before? Do… Read more »

New Holiday Celebration

It was holiday time and the family was scattered. No one was available to celebrate. I was feeling lonely and secluded. Would the day pass in boring apathy without acknowledgement or celebration? No! I was not going to allow feelings of loneliness govern my actions. I decided to create a unique tradition. After a trip… Read more »

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my Blog!


Welcome to the Grand Opening of my Blog! I am an artist…a sculptor for over thirty years.   Then, I got a feeling, subtle and pure, that I needed to explore a different mode of artistic expression.   Wanting to share my passionate ideas on health and healing, I began to write stories for children.  I imagined… Read more »