Enough IS Enough

3July0009I was in New Hampshire this weekend visiting family. In between hanging out at the beach and watching the fireworks, I had a session with an energy healer. I can’t describe exactly what she does because it is always different. Each session is unpredictable and spontaneous. What a person needs determines the course and content of the session.

Recently, I had been feeling like I was avoiding walking through a door that opened to my living more in truth and authenticity. In the session I asked for help in opening that door. In the first few minutes, it became obvious that I needed to address and release some past experiences that were holding me back. As I confronted and released those experiences, I found myself saying over and over again, “I am enough.” I said it loudly and softly, yelling and whispering. “I am enough! I am enough! I am enough!” I began to appreciate the fullness of the statement. In every moment, in every place, with every person…”I am enough.” There is no need for competition, jealousy or self-doubt.  Just be.  Abundance and generosity feel natural…a cycle of ease and flow, giving and receiving…a complete and continuously satisfying circle.

The Buddhists say that underneath every action and emotion is the core belief that you are either lovable or unworthy of love. That core belief drives your actions and reactions. Are you enough?

As we close this weekend celebrating our country’s independence, I leave you with this:


I am unshakingly, unquestionably, unconditionally, unabashedly ENOUGH…


  AND SO ARE YOU!     Happy Freedom and Independence!3July00073July0008

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