Fall Awakening

It is a gray and rainy day. I light the first fire of the season in my fireplace. Cloaked in a rain parka, I walk to my mailbox. I continue walking. The leaves are magnificent, fiery red and yellow, damp and glistening. I walk to the dock (a perk of living on Long Island) and… Read more »

Prepare for Aging

While visiting my mother this week, I began to think about aging. It’s pretty obvious that people become more entrenched in their ways as they get older. You’re crazy if you think that someone in their eighties is going to evaluate their MO and start doing things differently. I asked myself how I can be… Read more »


The quest for simplicity has been so complicated, my daughter recently told me. Yes, I get that. A bright, creative idea can get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of its implementation. It isn’t easy to keep it basic. In sculpting and in writing, I feel that if I take something away and don’t miss it,… Read more »

Does It Hit the Mark?

I wish that people would say what they mean, rather than use trite platitudes that are impersonal. Overused and unoriginal, they leave me wanting a more personal, unique expression. Did you hear me? Do you get it? They don’t feel satisfying. It’s like someone threw a dart and missed. Here is a glimpse into my… Read more »

Going For It

What would it be like to live on the west coast? This has been in the back of my mind ever since a psychic suggested a few years ago that getting off the east and going west would be a better fit for me. I ignored his suggestion as impossible to conceive of. I was… Read more »

Puddle Tea

When I was a child, on rainy days my mother would dress me up in a coat and boots and send me outside to play. I loved splashing in puddles feeling the cool wetness and muddy splatterings, opening my mouth to the sky to catch a fresh drink of water (that was before acid rain,… Read more »

Deepak Does It Again

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey created a 21-day meditation series (Miraculous Relationships) that starts you on a path to meditation gently and peacefully. I highly recommend it, especially for those who find it difficult to quiet down…like me! Deepak introduces ideas that resonate deeply within, then you sit quietly with his supporting words and soothing… Read more »

I’m Thinkin’…

Motion. I’m thinkin’ nature and movement. Walk, dance, tip toe. Water freezes. Melts. Static water becomes stagnant. Heart in motion pumps blood and refreshes cells. Heart not pumping ceases to support life. I’m in partnership with movement. We’re friends. Give and take, ebb and flow, peace and tumult. In motion, keep essence. Always in integrity… Read more »

I Made It; I Threw It Away

Monday Morning Anywhere

I did something extraordinary today. I threw out one of my pieces. Done. Tossed into the garbage. It was a six-foot by eight-foot canvas covered in black felt. There were five silhouette figures of women on it and a real umbrella attached to one of them. Each figure was created by painting 20 coats of… Read more »


Forgiveness is getting a lot of attention lately. Every spiritual teacher knows that it is at the core of our ability to move forward and live a more authentic life. To forgive is not to condone what someone did. It is the act of releasing its hold on us. There is a powerful shift toward… Read more »