“Nobody’s Perfect” Day

photo(7)I declare today “Nobody’s Perfect” Day. We need a day to forgive ourselves for being imperfect…for saying the wrong thing, for not listening, for messing up at work, for being late, and for making the wrong choice (although all choices ultimately lead us to where we need to be).

What a spectacular day it is! Our “Nobody’s Perfect” Day is bright and sunny, even though the weather forecast was for rain. How glorious it feels to stride around the fairgrounds with other imperfect people! Light and easy, free and…whoops! I just tripped over the “Perfection stops here” sign. Now it is two signs.

A bake sale! Mmmmm! Everything looks delicious. I pile up my plate and taste everything, but only once. Yuch! Each recipe is missing something…a cake without sugar, pizza without crust, hot dog without the hot. Did these chefs had to go to such great extremes to make the point?

The relay race is about to start, but the announcer is in the bathroom. I wait, wondering what is taking him so long. He finally returns. Three, two, one, and they’re off! There they go: Team Seafoam drops the baton and Team Fuscia heads in the wrong direction; Team Chartreuse leaves to go for a swim and Team Burnt Umber sits down for a snack. And the winner is…………Team Teal who finishes in fourth place!

As I recover from the excitement of the race, I can’t help but notice the exquisite fashions. It’s a parade of clothes that Nate Berkus has been telling us to give away for years…stripes with plaids, polyester and chiffon, pumps with stacked heels. Ah, just imagine the sweet revenge of wearing them one more time before going home and getting rid of them.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your “Nobody’s Perfect” Day. If you didn’t think that this was funny, just remember that nobody’s perfect!

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