IMG_1413It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep. My mind is racing…so many things to do. Too many things to accomplish. I can’t seem to quiet down.

I go outside on the porch with my chattering mind. How do I calm down? How do I release such active thoughts and invite peace? I sit and wait. The sky is clear; the breeze is cool after a scorching day. I look at a tree. It isn’t doing anything. It grows. It just is. The sky is quiet. It isn’t doing anything. It holds the space for the stars. It just is. The orange sliver of moon rises above a tree. That’s all. It just is.

I begin to quiet down. In the stillness, I leave my ego, my stress and my list behind. I feel still. I feel quiet. It’s the sky and me. It’s the gentle breeze and me. It’s the swaying tree and me. I just am.

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