The Ugly Weed

There is an ugly weed in my vegetable garden, and it’s pushing out all of my vegetables.  It isn’t beautiful, and it doesn’t produce flowers or vegetables.  It’s covered with prickly thorns.  Good luck pulling it out!  It grows fast and strong, and in its hardiness it has overtaken the garden. This weed does not… Read more »

Manyana Starts Today

Freedom of choice is everywhere when packing. Who knew there were 40-year-old cake knives in the back of the drawer?  And, they are probably virgins because I don’t ever remember using them.  Candles, barbeque mitts, sun visors…who cares?  But, I have to make a decision on whether they come or go. I hardly slept last… Read more »

Moving In Two Weeks!

I am moving to Santa Fe in two weeks!  How did this happen so fast?  This is the time to clean out, close down and not replenish. Eat food that has been in the freezer for a year. Yuch!  Now I know why it has been in the freezer for a year.  No new jar… Read more »

The World Cup According to Ellie

Not being a sports enthusiast, I surprised myself when I wanted to watch a game during the last World Cup.  All of my kids played soccer, and I enjoy the sport, so I settled in with a snack and the clicker to watch Holland vs Spain.  I lived with a family in Amsterdam during my… Read more »

Life’s Bookends

Last week I was visiting family, the first half in Michigan babysitting for my toddler grandchildren and the second half visiting my 86-year-old mother in Philadelphia.  Bookends to life, but similar in ways. The toddler waddling on unsteady feet, and my mother learning to steady herself with a walker.  The children wanting a cohort in… Read more »

Changing Glasses

Some people see everything through the same lens.  No matter how the conversation starts out, it always ends up the same way.  Whether their interpretation is through politics, money, aging or relationships, it is predictable and relentless.  It always comes down to the same conclusion which is reached through their tinted view. Surprise me!  Shake… Read more »

No Need to Know

Needing to have the answer robs us of the opportunity to learn.  When being right is pressing and urgent, we lose the ability to sit back and feel our way to the most beneficial course of action. Did you ever notice how tight people are who have to override others with the correct answer?  They… Read more »

Before the Wheel

Preparing to move is a huge task.  Sometimes it feels infinite, too much to handle, an out of the ball park colossal job. Today I am feeling the enormity of the endless decisions and need for organization. It is so exhausting, it is like pushing a box uphill before the wheel was invented. Crazy involved… Read more »

Let’s Try Again

My move to Santa Fe is not about having a new address.  It is about embracing a new life.  It is making peace with the past and moving unencumbered into the future. This weekend, I got an opportunity to do that.  At a family wedding, I saw many old friends whom I had lost touch… Read more »