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Baby Elephant and the Ocean

I saw a video on Facebook of a baby elephant experiencing the ocean for the first time.  It was delightful!  He romped around, jumped through the waves, dug his face into the sand, splashed, rolled over and stood on his head with his hind feet sticking out of the water.  I could feel his ecstasy!… Read more »

Breathing Longevity

From my Qigong Master Liu He’s book: “The turtle has one of the most exceptional life spans of all animals on Earth. In addition to exemplifying peacefulness and calmness, the turtle has a life span that is startlingly long when compared to that of humans. The turtle’s longevity can be attributed to its breathing patterns… Read more »

What a Difference From Last Year!

One year ago today I was packing for a one-month exploration of Santa Fe.  My intention was to have fun while I learned about the town and considered it as a possible next move. No pressure, just an adventure.  I had no idea where it would lead, if anywhere.  I was checking out the guidance… Read more »

Latkes, Gingerbread and Wine

Last night I went to a latke party to celebrate Chanukah. Our host made latkes with creme fraiche and smoked salmon, endives with goat cheese, mandarin oranges and pomegranate seeds and profiteroles with raspberry sorbet and hot fudge sauce on top for dessert. Saturday night was a neighborhood Christmas party with homemade tamales and powdered… Read more »

Taking Care of the Inside

The qigong workshop last weekend dealt with nourishing our inner organs to prepare for the winter.  This Chinese healing method looks at the body differently than we do in the west.  If we have a stomach problem, we take digestive enzymes.  If we have trouble breathing, we use an inhaler.  If we have a headache,… Read more »

Finding the Positive

“Drop negative thoughts.  Stay positive,” our qigong master teacher said.  “Turn negative into positive.  Have a happy and peaceful heart.  Anger churns up the waters, but a peaceful heart calms the water so we can see and reflect clearly.”  Good advice.   And, from her story, it is obvious that it can be done in… Read more »