Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Glass

584Last night was the first meeting of what sounds like a secret society, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Glass.  When my neighbor proposed the idea it did seem mysterious.  No one is allowed to cook or do work in preparation.  No one is allowed to wash dishes, so everyone brings their own wine glass and takes their stained glass home.

Enough kitchen talk.  I know what it isn’t, but what IS this cryptic society?  It is a group of intelligent, accomplished women in our neighborhood who will get together once a month to share, to network and to learn about each other.  It must sound like a nightmare to many men, but to some of us who are new to the area it could be another way to form friendships and complement life here.  Many of our mothers, sisters and daughters are out-of-town, so being open to making new women friends is fertile ground for growing roots.

It will be interesting to see how the group evolves and what each one of us will bring to the table.   There is great potential for fun, connection, support, and a deeper understanding of each other.  Let’s toast to friendship!



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