You Are Bigger Than Everything

One of my teachers said, “The reason why we feel worried or afraid is that we believe that everything is bigger than we are.” A common cold, relationship break-up or loss of job can debilitate us if we feel small in comparison. I have tried turning that around in the most ordinary situations by saying,… Read more »

Rotating Foods

Some foods are really good for us and we eat them everyday.  After all, if they are good one day, wouldn’t they get exponentially better if eaten more often?  According to some nutritionists, certain foods are really good but only if eaten every other day or every four days, and that varies from person to… Read more »

And the Sexiest Man Is…

I think that we could all use some change in our lives. Some people shy away from it as if they could really hold onto what they have. Impossible, implausible, not likely. The cycles of life go on. Impermanence is here to stay. Have you ever noticed that shortly after a movie star is touted… Read more »

Another Chance

My son and daughter-in-law received this email from their seven-year-old’s teacher: We have a funny emergency situation. Your daughter lost her tooth today but does not want you to know so she can see if the tooth fairy is real! We want to keep her confidence, but we also thought you should know :)) Of… Read more »

Tuning In To Help

Sometimes we think that we are meant to negotiate this thing called life alone, with no help, on our own trying to figure out each move in the wilderness of choices. Actually, we always have help. It is just difficult to find it if we are not aware of what to look for. Last night… Read more »

A Splash of Adventure

I’m wishing you all a beautiful weekend in love and in nature, with excellent and improving health, interesting ideas, courage and daring, in harmony with your Spirit topped off with a splash of adventure. Don’t forget truth…the kind that you feel in chills of affirmation or butterflies in your stomach and let that truth guide… Read more »

How Much Is Okay?

We seem to drive through this life with either one of two attitudes – everything is okay or nothing is good enough. “Everything is okay” does not mean that you don’t want more. It means that you appreciate where you are in the moment, who you are with, what just happened. You are present with… Read more »

Lowering Tolerance

Do you have a high tolerance for things that bother you? I do. I let things go on and on way past their reasonable life span. I wore the same foggy swimming goggles until I almost hit the edge of the pool because I couldn’t see it. And how about picture frames? A friend once… Read more »

The Old Farmhouse

When in Bhutan I visited a common farmhouse. The furnishings were meager, with a thin mattress on the floor serving as a bed and a primitive cooking setup. I walked from room to room quietly taking in the kind of life that these people must have, the rooms feeling cold and bare to me. Then… Read more »

For the Good of All

Last week I came home from a trip to Nepal and Bhutan and stories are spinning in my head. Bhutan is a land of mountains and temples bursting with colorful carvings, but most notably a deeply reverent Buddhist culture that values the good of all its citizens. Internet and tv were first allowed into the… Read more »