What is Building Biology?

I was sitting at the community table in a local restaurant when a young woman sat down next to me. We started to chat and of course my first question was, “What brings you to Santa Fe?”

She answered that she was attending a course in Building Biology.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s the investigation of indoor living environments for a variety of irritants. Among those are electromagnetic and radio frequency fields. There are options to mitigate them so they do less damage on our nervous system and organs.” She named some diseases that are thought to be linked to prolonged exposure to EMFs. The more she explained the more fascinated I was.

In depth studies will be forthcoming in years, but there have already been 6000 done so far with many showing deleterious effects on our health. Granted that those frequencies are everywhere. Some people would say why bother because you can’t avoid them. My feeling is that if there are fairly easy ways to mitigate those frequencies such as replacing LED bulbs with incandescent ones (I know that it feels like going backward), hooking up Ethernet in the home, getting rid of cordless phones and getting a pouch and earbuds for the cell phone then I want to make those changes. I will still go wherever I want without being concerned with the building biology of my friends’ homes and public places but if I can make the environment where I spend much time healthier then I am all for it.

The website is hbelc.org. Look them up if you feel like it and see if you are interested in reducing exposure in your home. And, if you go on a website for products, ignore the more way out products.  You don’t have to go to the extent that some people do.  Moderation is good!

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