Perspective Counts

You want to buy a car. You go to the dealership and find the car of your dreams. It’s apple red with great gas mileage, small and sporty with a solid construction. But when you walk around to the other side you find a huge dent in the passenger door. It was not as it… Read more »

Feed What You Want to Grow

Everything is in its perfect time, even though it doesn’t always feel like it. The next time you have a cold and have to cancel your plans, or get stuck in a snowstorm and can’t get to your destination, or are invited to sit in with new people in a business meeting, or twist your… Read more »

The Jewel of the Himalayas

The kingdom of Bhutan is a tiny country landlocked between China and India. Lush forests contrast with monasteries tucked into the jagged flank of the Himalayas. One hundred percent organic (chemical fertilizers are banned throughout the whole country), marijuana grows wild, no homelessness, most houses powered by solar power, killing a tiger results in life… Read more »

Saving Cookies

My son and I picked up his four-year-old son and a friend from school. He got into the car with stories about his day and a zip lock bag with three cookies. “Did you make cookies today?” My son asked. “Yes,” his child answered as he opened the bag and gave one to his friend…. Read more »

Up, Up and Away

Sometimes I find myself looking at the ground when I walk – fast and three feet in front of me.  Of course I need to be aware if the ground is uneven, but it seems that it has just become a habit.  I had a ballroom dance teacher who, with one arm wrapped around my… Read more »

Your Inner Journey

Have you ever admired someone so much that you want to copy their accomplishment or get so close that some of that enthusiasm might rub off onto you? Maybe you can tag along to catch a splash of positive energy that might spill over, or just take a small piece out of their huge pie…. Read more »

Slow It Down

I have been on the computer for five to six hours a day for the past two weeks doing a repetitive action that was slightly changed each time. When I couldn’t sleep for the last two nights I took a closer look at what was happening…and then I did a little research about it. It… Read more »

Take Time to Evaluate

Everything is happening so fast! Our minds can’t keep up with the speed of technology or the bombardment of stimulation. Before we are finished with one action we focus our energy on tackling the next one, and on and on and on. Let’s slow down the carousel and take a moment to evaluate before we… Read more »

What Is Priority Pandemonium?

You are so busy!  Everything is number one on your to do list.  There isn’t enough time to get half of your list done.  Out of time, depleted, frazzled, darting around from one project to another like a road runner on triple espresso, not getting anything done with precision or attention.  Does this sound like… Read more »

Yes, but…

Here’s one that might sound familiar: “Yes, but… ,” then we finish the sentence with reasons why we can’t change or be more enthusiastic.  “It might be good for you, but not for me.”  Tired, old, ineffectual excuses! Yes, BUT I don’t have the time. Yes, BUT I’m not pretty enough. Yes, BUT it’s too… Read more »