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Creativity for Peace

Tonight I went to a cultural celebration for peace in the middle east, called Salaam-Shalom.  This event featured sixteen Palestinian and Israeli girls ranging from fifteen to seventeen-years-old who attend a three-week long camp in Santa Fe. The purpose of the camp is to recognize and empower women as future leaders.  The girls learn how… Read more »

O Yes, Ojo!

Driving for an hour over parched, rolling hills, with my daughter asleep at my side, we finally arrive at Ojo Caliente – hot mineral springs deemed sacred by indigenous Native Americans of northern New Mexico.  Tranquil and serene, only whispering is permitted when soaking in the tubs, it is a gem in the middle of… Read more »

Moving is a Work of Art

I dreamed that I was bubble-wrapping myself.  I could feel the soft, spongy plastic against my skin, squeaking as I stretched and taped it around my feet.  I’m glad that the movers came today so I won’t be dreaming of bubble-wrap anymore! But, the inevitable sadness of leaving my friends and family is setting in…. Read more »

Life’s Bookends

Last week I was visiting family, the first half in Michigan babysitting for my toddler grandchildren and the second half visiting my 86-year-old mother in Philadelphia.  Bookends to life, but similar in ways. The toddler waddling on unsteady feet, and my mother learning to steady herself with a walker.  The children wanting a cohort in… Read more »