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I’m Just Plain Happy

When I first came up with the idea to move, people asked me what I hoped to find in Santa Fe. I answered that I wanted to be part of a community and to be closer to the land. I didn’t really know what that meant or what it would look like. Last night when… Read more »

My Mom

My eighty-seven-year-old mother is coming to visit in two weeks.  What do you think that she asked for?  She didn’t care what food I had or what activities we would do, she wanted to know if I belonged to a gym with a recumbent treadmill and if I had leg weights.  She uses heavier leg… Read more »

Creativity for Peace

Tonight I went to a cultural celebration for peace in the middle east, called Salaam-Shalom.  This event featured sixteen Palestinian and Israeli girls ranging from fifteen to seventeen-years-old who attend a three-week long camp in Santa Fe. The purpose of the camp is to recognize and empower women as future leaders.  The girls learn how… Read more »

O Yes, Ojo!

Driving for an hour over parched, rolling hills, with my daughter asleep at my side, we finally arrive at Ojo Caliente – hot mineral springs deemed sacred by indigenous Native Americans of northern New Mexico.  Tranquil and serene, only whispering is permitted when soaking in the tubs, it is a gem in the middle of… Read more »

Payback Time

My daughter came to help me unpack and get settled.  She’s my first visitor, and she arrived (after spending the night in the Denver airport) the day after I moved in.  We worked harder than either of us could have imagined, unpacking 70 boxes and making countless trips to the local UPS store to drop off… Read more »

Moving is a Work of Art

I dreamed that I was bubble-wrapping myself.  I could feel the soft, spongy plastic against my skin, squeaking as I stretched and taped it around my feet.  I’m glad that the movers came today so I won’t be dreaming of bubble-wrap anymore! But, the inevitable sadness of leaving my friends and family is setting in…. Read more »

Ten Days to Go

Ten days until I move to Santa Fe!  My daughter came home from the city to help me pack.  Last night while she was relaxing in my bed I tried on clothes and decided what to take and what to give away.  In and out of my closet with pants that didn’t fit, dresses that… Read more »

Moving In Two Weeks!

I am moving to Santa Fe in two weeks!  How did this happen so fast?  This is the time to clean out, close down and not replenish. Eat food that has been in the freezer for a year. Yuch!  Now I know why it has been in the freezer for a year.  No new jar… Read more »

The World Cup According to Ellie

Not being a sports enthusiast, I surprised myself when I wanted to watch a game during the last World Cup.  All of my kids played soccer, and I enjoy the sport, so I settled in with a snack and the clicker to watch Holland vs Spain.  I lived with a family in Amsterdam during my… Read more »

Life’s Bookends

Last week I was visiting family, the first half in Michigan babysitting for my toddler grandchildren and the second half visiting my 86-year-old mother in Philadelphia.  Bookends to life, but similar in ways. The toddler waddling on unsteady feet, and my mother learning to steady herself with a walker.  The children wanting a cohort in… Read more »