My Mom

photo-11My eighty-seven-year-old mother is coming to visit in two weeks.  What do you think that she asked for?  She didn’t care what food I had or what activities we would do, she wanted to know if I belonged to a gym with a recumbent treadmill and if I had leg weights.  She uses heavier leg weights than I do.  She didn’t want to lose muscle tone on the trip so she was intent on working out these few days.  What a spirit!  What an attitude!  What drive!  My mom rocks!

Last week she visited my sister in Maine, and before her flight she walked up and down the airport aisles to maintain her stamina.  Not only is she taking responsibility for her health, but she is working on building up.  She’s always learning and trying.  She cares and takes a pro-active stance to learn about her health.  It’s never too late to improve.  If attitude matters, and it does, I am so proud of her for her kickass attitude.  Her example is a true inspiration.



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  1. Cat Rodstein

    She amazes me more each year. She defines the word “trooper”. Its because she loves her family with every bit of her heart. She is a tribute to her amazing generation.

  2. Janis

    Sorry I haven’t written to you before but I do enjoy reading your blog. I have fond memories of your mom. She was always ahead of her time. Please say hello for me! And have a great visit!

    • Ellie Dolgin

      Thanks so much for your comment, Janis. I’ll send your regards for sure. We still talk about Kappy’s!

  3. Elisa Cavaliero

    What a great spirit your Mom has.. and what energy! She is an inspiration!!
    Enjoy your visit with her.


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