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Conversation With Mom

On Thanksgiving afternoon, my mother asked to speak privately with my sisters and me. The turkey was in the oven and the children were resting in a warm, sunny spot on the floor. My sisters and I sat in a semi-circle facing my mother as she explained the purpose of the meeting. When her mother… Read more »

Everyone’s Invited!

As I was having a manicure yesterday, I heard a woman talking about her holiday. She was cooking for 40 people, all who are alone and have nowhere else to go. She even invited the man doing her pedicure when she heard that he was alone. What a generous soul! I want to wish all… Read more »

May I Have Your Order, Please?

My daughter and her boyfriend were visiting from New York.  Showing them the Santa Fe that I love meant going to one of my favorite restaurants, Love Yourself Cafe.  As we walked in, the waitress whom I have become friends with came over and gave us each a big hug.  When we sat down, my… Read more »

I’m Ready for Him

I’m putting the universe on notice.  I am ready to meet the love of my life.  The one who is kind and generous, intelligent and witty, athletic, laughs easily and is sensitive to others’ feelings.  The one who is friendly and easy-going, who loves to cook and give, who has done his work and is… Read more »

Adults Can Be Enthusiastic Too

Enthusiasm! Positive energy for life, people, exploration. It is contagious. The fish monger (as he calls himself) at Whole Foods was so enthusiastic about my trying a delicious, new fish from Brazil that he repeated his recipe three times to be sure that my experience would be successful. My grandchildren are as exhilarated when playing… Read more »

Feast Day at Santo Domingo

Today was feast day at Santo Domingo Pueblo (Native American Reservation).  My friend and I went to see hundreds of Native Americans from toddlers to elders perform sacred corn dances in the dusty town square to rhythmic chants, rattles and drumbeats.  With painted bodies and colorful headdresses, bells and fur dangling from their belts, they… Read more »

Youths Spring Hope in Middle East

Tonight I attended an event supporting Creativity for Peace, a three-week camp in Santa Fe for teenage girls from Israel and Palestine.  Although I went to this last year, the speeches and lessons tonight were fresh and new. Their philosophy is to teach and implement conflict resolution, compassionate listening and authentic speaking while building future… Read more »