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Children Living in the Moment

Have you ever asked a four-year-old what he did in school that day and got the answer “Nothing”? It is frustrating! How could he have spent hours with a teacher or babysitter and have done nothing that he wants to share? I am developing a philosophy about this.  I don’t think that he is purposely… Read more »

Folk Art Market Is Here!

The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe is on! The opening ceremony welcomed 180 artists from small villages in six continents looking like a mini olympic opening. This three-day event has been called the best art market in the United States by USA Today. It generates more income for some artists than they make… Read more »

Honoring at Powwow

The Native American powwow originated for the purpose of various tribes to join together in dancing, singing, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It also served as a way for waring tribes to meet and learn about each other’s cultures in the hope of lessening their conflicts. It evolved as the peoples’ needs changed… Read more »


If you put a spatula in the hands of a disturbed person, he can do little harm. But if he has a semi-automatic weapon, he can cause heartbreaking devastation. Stop saying that guns don’t kill, people do. It is not one of these alone that causes such a tragedy, it is the combination of both,… Read more »

Reaching into the Muck

My qigong form has a movement where you reach behind you into an imaginary pond of stagnant water and scoop up something that has been hiding in darkness. You carry it forward in your open palm into the light, cleansing and transforming it, using your gentle energy to lift and alchemize it from dense sediment… Read more »

Arriving with No Limits

Babysitting for my two young grandchildren and watching them jump into life with abandon have made me acutely aware that we come into this world with no limits. We have no innate brakes that control our physical and emotional expressions or modulate our dreams and expectations. Everything is possible; nothing fits into a box. Categories… Read more »

Mom Tweets

My eighty-eight-year-old mother surprises me again.  Last year she learned how to text.  I remember her first text, “I am texting.” Now she wants to learn how to tweet.  Why?  Because politicians tweet and she wants to let them know what she thinks. Amazing!  Remarkable!  Inspiring! Share!TumblrStumbleuponPrintPinterestLinkedinGoogleTwitterFacebookEmail

A Valentine Day of Loving

Happy Valentine’s Day! A time of love and of feeling wanted. A day to show appreciation and to feel appreciated, to celebrate love and connection, romance and companionship, chocolate and jewelry, a shining Hallmark moment. On this Valentine’s Day, I wish for you the most precious gift that you can receive. And that gift is… Read more »

Completing the Cycle of Giving

When my son was 11-12-years-old his grandparents gave him $40 for a birthday present. He thanked them, said it was too much, and gave back half even though he could have used the money to save up for things that he wanted. My husband and I were so proud of this humble gesture and we… Read more »