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Breathe and Vote Everyday

Many of us are exhaling a sigh of relief that the election is over. It was a tremendous drain these past few months and anxieties ran high. Some are energized with the results, others are afraid and depressed. While the election is over, our votes are not finished. Everyday we get the opportunity to vote… Read more »

Equal Pay for Mothers

Motherhood with all its perks and challenges is a never-ending job. It is equal pay for equal or unequal work…everyone gets paid the same…nothing. Of course that’s not true. The pay is tremendous. We get to see our children live our lessons and, by adding their own essences, spread our wisdom to others. We see… Read more »

Fantastic Quotes

I’m reading a book of quotes that are making me laugh, feel inspired and nod with understanding. Here are some of them: “Don’t be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life.” Bertolt Brecht “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray “You often meet your fate… Read more »

Believing That You Are All Right

My friend recently had a loss in her family. She needed to talk about her feelings of disbelief, aloneness and floating. I listened as she released pent-up emotions, listened to her questions and concerns, listened until she was talked out.  Then I had two things to say. First, you are now and will be all… Read more »

Children Living in the Moment

Have you ever asked a four-year-old what he did in school that day and got the answer “Nothing”? It is frustrating! How could he have spent hours with a teacher or babysitter and have done nothing that he wants to share? I am developing a philosophy about this.  I don’t think that he is purposely… Read more »

Folk Art Market Is Here!

The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe is on! The opening ceremony welcomed 180 artists from small villages in six continents looking like a mini olympic opening. This three-day event has been called the best art market in the United States by USA Today. It generates more income for some artists than they make… Read more »

Honoring at Powwow

The Native American powwow originated for the purpose of various tribes to join together in dancing, singing, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It also served as a way for waring tribes to meet and learn about each other’s cultures in the hope of lessening their conflicts. It evolved as the peoples’ needs changed… Read more »

Reaching into the Muck

My qigong form has a movement where you reach behind you into an imaginary pond of stagnant water and scoop up something that has been hiding in darkness. You carry it forward in your open palm into the light, cleansing and transforming it, using your gentle energy to lift and alchemize it from dense sediment… Read more »