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A Miracle in the Silver Lining

Sunday was my daughter’s wedding. It was less than a week ago and the memories are still fresh in my mind. The bride was radiant and stunning, the sky sparkling, the venue welcoming with flowers bursting everywhere, and the guests ready to embrace new friends and celebrate this union of two lovers committed to their… Read more »

Wedding Time is Here

My daughter is getting married tomorrow!!!! It is a wonderful time to celebrate friends and family and to welcome my new son-in-law into my heart. Have a safe and joyful holiday weekend! I’ll write more next week. Share!TumblrStumbleuponPrintPinterestLinkedinGoogleTwitterFacebookEmail

Making Changes and Loving It

Here’s a thought to help a relationship succeed. Allow yourself and your partner to change. That’s it…pure and simple. It used to be a compliment to hear “I love you just the way you are. Don’t ever change.” Maybe it made you feel safe and loved. But, seriously, did you expect to never learn and… Read more »

All Life Is Sacred

My 98-year-old mother-in-law is beyond bed-ridden. She is unable to move, to utter a sound or participate in anything. Today I was thinking of what a terrible life it has been for her these past years, how she is barely alive, hanging on by a thread. Then I wondered if I could feel that all… Read more »

Equal Pay for Mothers

Motherhood with all its perks and challenges is a never-ending job. It is equal pay for equal or unequal work…everyone gets paid the same…nothing. Of course that’s not true. The pay is tremendous. We get to see our children live our lessons and, by adding their own essences, spread our wisdom to others. We see… Read more »

Believing That You Are All Right

My friend recently had a loss in her family. She needed to talk about her feelings of disbelief, aloneness and floating. I listened as she released pent-up emotions, listened to her questions and concerns, listened until she was talked out.  Then I had two things to say. First, you are now and will be all… Read more »