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Why Is Thanksgiving Stressful?

It’s all about family. For those who don’t have family, it could feel lonely or isolating. And for those getting together with family, it often involves travel during crowded times…packing, rushing to airports, dealing with delayed flights or crowded roads and foods that might not agree with you. But, more importantly, why is being with… Read more »

The Old Farmhouse

When in Bhutan I visited a common farmhouse. The furnishings were meager, with a thin mattress on the floor serving as a bed and a primitive cooking setup. I walked from room to room quietly taking in the kind of life that these people must have, the rooms feeling cold and bare to me. Then… Read more »


Being a mother has been the most rewarding and challenging role in my life. There was no training or preparation for it, and little discussion about the importance of the job. As a young mother, I was inexperienced at being selfless and certainly didn’t have a clue about the weighty ramifications of my decisions. They… Read more »

Chatting Raised to Another Level

My mother can talk with anyone. I left her sitting on a bench at a flower show while I got her coat and when I returned she had made a friend. She talks to people on airplanes and asks people in upscale restaurants why they ordered what they did, disarming any notion of haughtiness or… Read more »

Making Changes and Loving It

Here’s a thought to help a relationship succeed. Allow yourself and your partner to change. That’s it…pure and simple. It used to be a compliment to hear “I love you just the way you are. Don’t ever change.” Maybe it made you feel safe and loved. But, seriously, did you expect to never learn and… Read more »

Check Your Holiday Baggage

If you traveled to see your family this weekend, I hope that your trip was easier than mine. What should have been a simple trip from Santa Fe to Denver to Philadelphia became a 20-hour odyssey from Santa Fe to Denver to Chicago to Philadelphia, arriving slightly before midnight. While holidays with family tastes like… Read more »