When Do You Need Glasses?

My son built a fort for my eight-year-old granddaughter, six-year-old grandson and me to watch a movie. It was a construction of pillows, chairs and cozy blankets in the middle of their living room floor. He made popcorn and flavored it with corn chex and white chocolate, then he went into the basement to use the elliptical while we watched the movie.

The three of us snuggled under the blankets and chatted before the movie started.

“Mimi, do you think that I will wear glasses?” my granddaughter asked.

“Probably when you get to my age you will,” I answered.

My grandson, the mathematician and philosopher, had thoughts about my wearing glasses, too. “You will wear them until you are 95, unless you pass away before that and then you won’t wear glasses!”

We finished our popcorn and snuggled under the covers to watch the movie.  As we were getting settled, he turned to me and said, “Today is Opposite Day.  Mimi, you are THE WORST!”

And then he was warm in my arm as he fell asleep.

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