The Emperor's New Clothes

Yesterday I saw my friend, Janice, at the pool.  We are swimming buddies.  We keep each other up-to-date on local trivia that makes our swim go faster.  It’s always fun to connect with Janice.  It makes my day when I see her in the pool.  As I was walking my warm-up laps and she was treading water, she got my attention.

“Did I tell you what happened last week?” she asked.

“No. What happened?” 

“I was listening to an ebook in the locker room as I was getting ready to go into the pool.  I was really engrossed in this book.  After changing I walked out the door of the locker room into the pool area.  Sometimes the air conditioning is on, but that day I felt extraordinarily cold.  That’s when I noticed that I hadn’t put on my bathing suit!  And to make things worse, I was face to face with the lifeguard when I realized it!  He started to turn away as soon as he saw me but it was too late.  We had already made eye contact.”

I stopped in my tracks and turned to her.  Eyes wide open and jaw dropped, I asked what happened next.

“I went right back into the locker room and put my suit on.  But I felt that when I came out the second time I had to say something to the lifeguard.”

Thinking of all the things that she could have said, I asked her what she had decided on.

“I went up to him and said, ‘I will pay for all of your therapy bills for the rest of your life!'”

Now, that is hilarious and brilliant!!!

4 Responses to “The Emperor's New Clothes”

  1. Shakti

    I love the confident humor in her comment! She walked out with her head held high and a smile!


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