A Kite With No Strings

Pick your teachers. They are all around. What do you need to learn? How to be more compassionate toward someone who is incredibly annoying? Set firmer boundaries? Be more peaceful? Finish the job that you started?

I picked my friend, Alex, as my teacher. He has no idea that I observe him and marvel at his ability to drop things that piss him off. He doesn’t know that I take mental notes from him when we are together. He is all in for the experience and when it is over he is onto the next thing. He can be so angry at someone and then after he tells them how he feels he has dropped his anger. The next day he can barely remember feeling angry. I need to learn how to drop things that bother me. Feel them totally and then let them go. Be in the new experience with no residual attachments…no strings weighing my kite down!

I especially like observing couples. I wonder if they enjoy being together and feel free to be authentic and grow in their own ways.  Of course no one knows how they treat each other in private or what they really feel, but you can get a good idea by watching how they react and respond to each other. When in a couple’s company I often say to myself, “I DON’T want that!” or “I DO want that!” Not judging, just being aware of how I want to feel in a relationship.

Tomorrow I might find a different teacher to learn from.  Who knows?  It could be you!

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