The Naked Truth

Moms can be so annoying! You have lived with their idiosyncrasies your whole life and maybe they haven’t changed. In some cases they have gotten more glaring. And how about those times when you catch yourself acting and sounding just like your mom, saying the things that you have tried to run away from but have caught up with you and are now coming out of your own mouth?

Moms see things that others are oblivious to. And of course they tell you what they see. You feel an obligation to fix them or a strong tug to prove that they are wrong.

But sometimes moms share a kernel of wisdom that is so profound and important that it is worthy of Aristotle. They stop you in your tracks and you are speechless…so very grateful for that thought that gives meaning to everything.

My mom shared one of those pearls a few days ago. It was a nonchalant comment that would have gone unnoticed if I hadn’t stopped the conversation to digest what she said. We were talking about the shock of a lie that was uncovered. In her grief and sadness, she said, “You can handle just about anything as long as it is the truth.”


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  1. mom

    I have been rethinking what “the truth is” and have come to the conclusion that “the truth is” so subjective. Ellie maybe we can talk about it tomorrow. Love you, Mom


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