Moving is a Work of Art

photo 3(4)I dreamed that I was bubble-wrapping myself.  I could feel the soft, spongy plastic against my skin, squeaking as I stretched and taped it around my feet.  I’m glad that the movers came today so I won’t be dreaming of bubble-wrap anymore!

But, the inevitable sadness of leaving my friends and family is setting in.  Every dinner is a last dinner living with them in NY.  It is hard loving so deeply when you are about to move.  It is beautiful and hard.  My heart is overflowing with love for my very close friends.  I don’t always acknowledge how much they mean to me, but now I feel the intensity of our appreciation and unique impact on each other’s lives…how much we have inspired and prodded each other on, and how we have encouraged each other’s successes and breakthroughs.  Our shared history has woven an unbreakable bond with golden threads.  I am feeling friendship in its most brilliant and healing light.



2 Responses to “Moving is a Work of Art”

  1. annina

    Dear Ellie,
    Your first sentence is wonderful–well done! You have made moving a work of art by sharing your experience and strength. I will miss you, but am excited to keep on reading about your new insights and adventures.

  2. CharlotteG

    Dear Ellie,
    Only you could turn a trying experience into something of joy and interest! With such good insights, I am sure your new home and life will be wonderful.

    Have a safe trip west and God bless you with this interesting new chapter in your life. Will continue to look forward to your blogs. In the fall when I use the purse, I’ll think of you in the sunny SW!


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