Saying good-bye

IMG_1300I sat on the floor and cried. I was tired, hungry and sad. Waiting for my ride to the airport, I walked through every room in the house, then took off my shoes and did a meditative walk around the house appreciating the soft, spongy cushion of grass.

Sitting on the carpet in disbelief, my emotions took over. It felt surreal. How could this day be here? How could I be flying one-way to Santa Fe?

The car arrived and I was off to the airport, quiet and pensive.  On the plane, I read and tried to sleep, but I was too tired to sleep.  As we approached Santa Fe, the plains gave way to rugged mountains.  It reminded me of the Chinese description of herbs growing on the sunny side of the mountain or the shady side referring to the sharp contrast between light/dark, male/female, yin/yang.

Flying under the clouds at murky dusk, my spirits lifted.  The almost-full moon above glowed florescent peach, the first of many beautiful sunsets.  I have a strong sense that I am in the right place at the right time.  I am here and I am ready.


5 Responses to “Saying good-bye”

  1. Barbara Hinz

    YES! You are ready for the best days and nights of your life! Perfection prevails always and with Divine Timing. Enjoy and love and laugh and create and know all is truly well! <3 You go girl! 🙂

  2. Laurence Bouchard

    Dear Ellie,
    Saying good bye is not easy. You are closing a chapter of your life and opening a new one. This new one is very exciting. You have done the hardest part, it is time to enjoy this new adventure. Much love…

  3. Anne Sweeney

    Dearest Ellie,
    We’re cheering for you. The best is yet to come! Your creativity is exploding anew, and I can feel you playing with all kinds of colors, like a child with a new, giant box of crayons. The colors of the desert? The sunset into dusty purples into midnight blues over the mountains? We’re far apart in distance, but as I read your blog this a.m. I can feel your excitement bubbling up. It’s wonderful! Onwards and upwards!

    • Ellie Dolgin

      Thank you all for cheering me on with your words of encouragement. It is so exciting!


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