Ten Days to Go

photo 1(11)Ten days until I move to Santa Fe!  My daughter came home from the city to help me pack.  Last night while she was relaxing in my bed I tried on clothes and decided what to take and what to give away.  In and out of my closet with pants that didn’t fit, dresses that I would never wear, and tops that maybe could be resurrected.  It reminded me of when she packed to go to college, except this time I am the one moving.

Then we went through all of the drawers in the bathroom.  Half-opened bottles of bath lotions, ace bandages, boxes of q-tips, hair gels, blush in broken containers.  I had no idea what was in those drawers!  We made good use of what was left.  She rubbed Taoist liniment on my sore muscles and I massaged our feet with the remnants of foot cream.

This morning she went to a yoga class and left me with a list of what needs to be done by her return at 11.   (Writing this blog was not on her list!)  We laugh a lot.  Packing is so much easier when you have company.  We make a good team!




8 Responses to “Ten Days to Go”

  1. CharlotteG

    So glad you didn’t follow orders! Great to hear from you as always. Good luck with this massive move.

  2. steve

    10 Days ?! We need to pick a date to get together soon! Some evening I think might be best! Maybe during a soccer game so we can watch you root for “Your Team” up close and personal: Soccer – Ellie style 🙂


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